Living Gifts- Christmas Cactus, Cyclamen, Rosemary & More

Bring Joy to To Yourself While Bringing Joy To Someone Who Needs It Most
A plant can be a great gift for a friend, teacher, neighbor, coworker, loved one, first responder or anyone else during the holidays. It will be a living reminder of friendship, love and thoughtfulness long after the holidays have passed.
Since we’re limiting our close contact with people for now, plants and flowers can provide us with a connection to other living things 
Practice Random Acts Of Kindness
Cheer Up A Homebound Neighbor Or Loved One , Surprise Them
With A Living Gift Of Plants  

Plants are popular holiday gifts that recipients can enjoy long after the season has passed.  In fact, many holiday plants can flourish for years, reminding that special someone of your caring and thoughtfulness no matter what the season. 

Some Of Our Seasonal Favorites


A fragrant and delicious herb, rosemary is often trimmed into a tree-shaped bush to be a fun holiday gift. Not only are these beautiful plants, but they can be used to deliciously season a wide variety of savory holiday meals, making them just as practical as they are attractive.

Lemon Cypress Norfolk Island Pine

These make beautiful holiday house plants and can be decorated as living Christmas trees or even grown to plant outdoors in the landscaping.



Christmas Cactus

Not really a cactus but actually a succulent with flattened, lobe-like trailing foliage, these plants bloom in the winter in bright red, pink, orange or purple shades. Properly cared for they can live for many years, reliably reblooming to celebrate each holiday season.



This bold bulb grows thick, upright stems with large, stunning blooms in red, white, pink, peach, orange or variegated hues. These plants are easy to care for and are stunning accents around a holiday home.

A plant doesn't have to be a traditional holiday option to be a good gift choice. Select the gift recipient's favorite plant types, or choose any plant they might enjoy.

Succulents and small pottery for pet plants

are all fun choices that can be thoughtful gifts.