How To Care For Succulents & Cactus


Not Only Are Succulents Drought Resistant, But They Are Also Hardy Plants That Are Easy To Care For And Maintain. 

The most common killer of cacti and succulents is over-watering.

If In Doubt, Don't Water!

Succulents come in many different unique shapes, colors, textures and features. Each plant has its own unique qualities.

Succulents can be grown as indoor as well as outdoor plants. Most succulents require a bright environment but not completely in full sun. A brightly shaded patio outside, or a bright sunny location indoors would be an ideal spot for them to thrive.

Succulents, like aloe and snake plants, are particularly good at removing toxins from the air. You will benefit from keeping any succulent in your home as all plants have pores on their leaves that allow them to absorb gases in the air. They will improve the air quality as well!

Succulents also humidify the air, which improves the air quality  in your home even more! They release water vapor through the pores in their leaves during photosynthesis, which puts a little extra moisture in the air and prevents it from getting too dry. 

Benefits Of Growing Succulents
Help you breathe better. Having plants around you, especially indoors,
help improve the air quality
Help you focus. Something about having plants around us have shown that it helps people focus by improving their concentration
Make you happier